Linda is a human development specialist with more than 20 years’ experience in the fields of learning and development and organisational culture change with a focus on team dynamics that assists leaderships teams with their strategy and alignment.

She is a Certified Team Coach (ORSC), and runs an international practice, coaching C suite leadership teams. Linda is a CRR Global faculty member and one of 30 worldwide international leaders, selected to train this material to other coaches, psychologists, corporate executives and leaders Globally. As the CRR Global GCC partner, Linda owns an ACTP coach training school, licensed to deliver ICF accredited ORSC Core Curriculum programs. As an ICF certified Coach, Linda is also a Co-Active executive coach (CTi) and focuses on coaching and developing executive and leadership teams to improve and maximize overall individual and organisational performance.

Linda has been responsible for providing guidance and assistance to organisations during their culture transformation and strategic change management initiatives and her experience in working with multi-cultural teams and managing large scale culture change projects brings skills which are well honed internationally. Linda delivers tangible results quickly and effectively across varied sectors. Linda’s experience in working with multicultural teams across different countries, and her absolute passion for working in this field, has led her to become an accredited Inter Cultural Intelligence facilitator and coach.

Over the last 10 years, Linda has been coaching and consulting in the field of strategic change so she brings this experience to her clients by working with companies, and in particular their leadership teams, to create alignment and focus in their teams dynamics and goals, so that they may get on track and stay on track in fast-moving environments.

She is of Italian origin, and lived the first 16 years of her life in Italy, where she still has family and visits frequently. She has been living in the United Arab Emirates and working in the Middle East since 2004.